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How to enable system error logging in Magento 1.x

How to enable system error logging in Magento 1.x

It is possible to configure Magento to generate system logs and exception logs upon any error. This is most useful as a way to investigate issues during development, but less practical for live stores for anything other than short-term use.

Attention: Enable the logging feature only for as long as necessary. If left enabled for a prolonged period, these logs will occupy significant disk space and slow down your site.


This method stores system and exception logs in Magento’s var/log/ directory.  

  1. Log in to your Magento Admin Panel. From the dashboard, select System > Configuration.

  2. Scroll to the ADVANCED section, then click Developer.

  3. Expand the Log Settings section. In the Enabled drop-down list, select Yes. If desired, change the default settings for System Log File Name and Exceptions Log File Name. Click Save Config when ready.

  4. Return to the ADVANCED section, then click System.

  1. Expand the Log section, then:

    1. From the Enable Log drop-down list, select Yes.

    2. In the Save  Log, Days field, enter 30.

    3. From the Enable  Log  Cleaning drop-down list, select Yes.

    4. In the Start Time drop-down lists, set a start time well within your slowest business hours.

    5. In the Frequency drop-down list, select Weekly.

    6. Click Save Config when ready.


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