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How to fix display issues with IMAP folders in Outlook

How to fix display issues with IMAP folders in Outlook


IMAP folders are not displaying correctly in Microsoft Outlook.


Due to how Outlook handles IMAP accounts, syncing your Nexcess email account with IMAP and Outlook may cause your folders to display incorrectly. This may cause problems when saving emails to your Draft, Deleted Items, and Sent folders.


To solve this issue, you must create an IMAP prefix for Microsoft Outlook. Outlook will use this prefix when attempting to locate the correct folders when saving emails.

To create this prefix:

  1. Click File > Account Settings > Account Settings.

  2. Select your Nexcess email account, then click Change.

  3. Click More Settings.

  4. Click the Advanced tab.

  5. In the Root Folder Path, type “INBOX”.

  6. Click OK, then click Next.

After Outlook flushes all cached folders, click OK, then click Finish.

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