How to generate and view SSH/FTP passwords for your Nexcess Cloud Account

How to generate and view SSH/FTP passwords for your Nexcess Cloud Account

What you need

Generating your SSH and FTP credentials

Attention: Clear-text FTP is not available on Nexcess Cloud accounts. “FTP” here and throughout this article refers to FTP with TLS (FTPS) or FTP over SSH (SFTP). Unlike our previous platforms, Nexcess Cloud uses port 22 for SFTP, and port 21 and 990 for FTPS.

Step 1: Access cloud account dashboard

Log in to the Client Portal. From the home page, click Services > Cloud Accounts.

Step 2: Select account

Either click its name, or select Account Dashboard from the menu toggle.

Step 3: Generate and view credentials

Attention: SSH and FTP passwords are always synchronized. If you change one, you change the other.

  1. Select MENU > ACCESS.

  2. Click GENERATE PASSWORD, then click CONFIRM when prompted.

  3. Read and understand the warning, then click View Password.

    : “Removed from our system” and “expires on” mean the password is no longer viewable, but this password remains functional until you generate another one.

  4. When your password appears, copy it to your clipboard by clicking it. After closing this window, you may continue to view this password until the above restrictions apply.

For 24-hour assistance any day of the year, contact our Support Team by email or through the Client Portal.

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