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How to patch your Magento store

How to patch your Magento store

This article explains our policy regarding Magento patches and the best resource for staying current with the latest version.


As a Magento store administrator, it is your responsibility to stay current on patch releases. We do not monitor our clients’ Magento versions or their patches, and we do generally do not notify our clients of new patches as they are released.

To stay current, we urge all clients to watch the Security Center page of the Magento website for updates regarding new patches and security threats. In addition, watch for alerts posted within the Administrative area of your specific Magento installation or installations.

Patch application

Apply Magento patches immediately upon release. To do otherwise is to invite numerous security risks.

Our Support Team can and will run patches upon your request, though we strongly recommend you enlist the services of a developer when applying patches. Some patches may impair your store in unpredictable ways, and a developer’s expertise and availability can help prevent downtime. If you would like our Support Team to apply the patch, download the patch, open a Support ticket, and provide them with the location of the patch script.

If you do not yet have a developer, we recommend starting your search with our list of Magento development partners.


For 24-hour assistance any day of the year, contact our Support Team by email or through the Client Portal.

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