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How to pay invoices with credit cards

How to pay invoices with credit cards

This article shows how Nexcess clients can add, edit, and remove credit cards within the Client Portal and how to use them to pay for their service.

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You need your Client Portal username and password. These were originally provided in the Nexcess Welcome Email, though you may have since changed them. If you cannot locate this information, click the Reset Password link on the Client Portal login menu or contact the Nexcess Support Team.

Adding, editing, and deleting credit cards

This section provides instructions about how to add, edit, and delete credit cards from your account using the Client Portal. With this method, you can designate a new card for apply toward your automatic payments.  

Adding credit cards

For information about how to edit or delete a credit card, refer to the Editing or deleting credit cards section below.

  1. Log in to the Client Portal.

  2. From the dashboard, select Billing > Credit cards.

  1. On the Credit Cards page, click Add Card.

  1. In the New Credit Card panel, fill the Credit Card NumberExpiration Date, and CVV fields. Click Add when done. If this is your first credit card, it will automatically be named as the primary card on your account.

Editing and deleting credit cards

  1. Log in to the Client Portal.

  2. From the dashboard, select Billing > Credit card.

  1. You will see a list of all credit cards associated with your account. To view, edit, or delete a card, select the menu toggle corresponding to that card, then click EditMake Primary, or Delete.

    • If you have multiple credit cards on your account and you delete the primary card, then the next card listed will become the primary card.

    • If you are editing a card, you can only edit the nickname and the expiration date. To change a credit card number, you must add a new credit card and delete the card with the old number.  

    • If you want to change the card to be charged for automatic payments, add that card, then select Make Primary from the menu toggle.

  1. Confirm your choice by either clicking Delete or Save, as appropriate.

Making manual credit card payments

The terms of your automatic credit card payment were designated when you signed up for your Nexcess service, though you can name another card using the procedure provided in Adding, editing, and deleting credit card. The procedure below shows how to manually apply payment to a credit card.

  1. Log in to the Client Portal.
  2. From the dashboard, click Amount Due.

  3. On the Invoices page, click the menu toggle corresponding to the invoice to be paid, then click Pay.

  4. On the Pay Invoice panel, the Credit Card field defaults to your primary credit card. If your desired card is already one file, enter the CCV, click PAY, then confirm when prompted. If you prefer to make a one-time payment using a different credit card, go to Step 5. 

  5. If your desired card is already one file, enter the CCV and click PAY, then confirm your payment if prompted. If it is not, click One-time payment and continue to Step 6.

  6. For the new card, fill the Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, and CCV fields, then click PAY.

For further assistance, contact our Billing Team between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. eastern time (ET), Monday - Friday.

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