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How to request and revoke facility access (MEL, TMR)

How to request and revoke facility access (MEL, TMR)

This document outlines how colocating clients request access cards for regular access and one-time visitor badges for entry into the Nexcess Southfield facilities.


Only users assigned the Superuser role through the Client Portal can request access cards with the Colocation Access Request Form as outlined below. For more information regarding the Superuser and other roles, refer to our Knowledge Library article, How to configure user roles in your Client Portal.

Acquiring access cards

Access cards grant authorized users unescorted access to the Nexcess data centers in MEL (21700 Melrose Avenue) and TMR (24700 Northwestern Hwy) in Southfield, MI for one year or until the end of the colocation contract, whichever comes first.

Attention: Authorized users have full, unescorted access to the data center and, by extension, the Superuser’s hardware. They make bring in new equipment as well as remove existing equipment. Superusers are responsible for the behavior of authorized users attached to that Superuser’s account.

The procedure for colocating clients to acquire an access card is as follows:

  1. The Superuser creates a user in the Client Portal for the applicant.

  2. The Superuser completes the Colocation Access Card Request Form.

  3. The Superuser creates a ticket with the Nexcess Support Team, attaches the completed  Colocation Access Card Request Form, and submits the ticket.  

  4. Nexcess verifies the request and contacts the individual to receive the access card:

    • Nexcess contacts the individual to schedule a time to photograph and fingerprint that individual between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. eastern time (ET), Monday through Friday.

    • The individual has ten business days to complete the process before the Superuser must restart the process at Step 1.  

Revoking access cards

If an access card is lost, stolen, or belongs to a user that no longer needs access for any reason, the Superuser on the account must promptly create a ticket with the Nexcess Support Team, complete the Colocation Access Card Request Form, attach it to the ticket, and submit it. Clients are also responsible for revoking DCUSER privileges from within the Client Portal or, if necessary, deleting the user altogether.

Visitor badges

Visitor badges give visitors temporary access to their equipment as well as the ability to sign equipment in or out. These badges can only be requested by a Superuser or DCUSER on the account, and the DCUSER role can only be created and assigned by Superusers through the Client Portal. Refer to How to configure teams in the Client Portal for more information.

To request a visitor badge, the Superuser or DCUSER on the account creates and submits a ticket to the Support Team at least five business days in advance of first entry into the facility with the following information:

  • Visitor's full name

  • Company name

  • Facility location

  • Date of visit

  • Duration of visit

  • Estimated time of arrival

If approved, visitors may only enter the building through the front main lobby entrance on 21700 Melrose Avenue and must sign in using the Guest Sign-In System. They cannot proceed past the lobby until escorted by either a Nexcess team member or an authorized client, and they must be escorted at all times. Upon departure, visitors must sign out using the Guest Sign-In System.

Visitors to TMR (24700 Northwestern Highway) must call the DC Operations (DCOps) office at 1-248-565-4605 15 minutes before arrival. DCOps will meet the visitor at the location, verify their government-issued ID, then remain with the visitor until the completion of their visit. However, if a colocating client with a DCUSER role accompanies the visitor, then this individual, not a DCOps Team member, escorts the visitor.


If a colocating client is experiencing prolonged downtime or other severe effects, the Nexcess management team may allow for deviations from the time constraints outlined in this document.

Revision History

2015-Sep-01 TWD First Draft
2015-10-05 TWD Clarified how Superusers revoke access cards

For 24-hour assistance any day of the year, contact our Support Team by email or through the Client Portal.

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