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How to secure your SiteWorx account

How to secure your SiteWorx account

This article explains how to secure your SiteWorx control panel by setting appropriate user permissions.


In conjunction with securing access to your site, you should also secure your SiteWorx control panel and, by extension, your SiteWorx account. SiteWorx provides access to the site files, databases, and email accounts. Restricting access to a small number of trusted individuals now will greatly reduce the chance of internal security compromises later.

Securing the SiteWorx control panel

The SiteWorx control panel can provide access to site files, databases, email accounts, and other critical features to managing your service with Nexcess. It is prudent to limit user access to viewing or editing certain areas of the control panel.

You easily set SiteWorx permissions when initially setting up the user account as well as by editing an existing one. Refer to How to add a secondary user to your SiteWorx account for more information.

As shown in Figure 1, you may also specify the domain or domains each user may edit by entering the web address into the Locked Domains field when editing a user.


Figure 1. User permissions.


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