How to set up Android email

How to set up Android email

This article shows how Nexcess clients can configure their Android device to receive emails from their domain.

Before proceeding


Attention: The screen captures may be different than what you see on your device due to variations between models. 

  1. From the Settings menu, tap Applications > Email.
  2. Tap Add New Account (Figure 1). 

    Figure 1. Add New Account button.
  3. Enter the email address and the password for that manual account, then tap MANUAL SETUP (Figure 2).

    Attention: If you do not remember the password for your domain's email account, you can reset it with your SiteWorx account. For instructions, refer to How to create and modify mailboxes in SiteWorx.

    Figure 2. Sample Email Address and Password fields; MANUAL SETUP button.
  4. Choose POP3 ACCOUNT or IMAP ACCOUNT, as desired (Figure 3). If you plan to use multiple email clients and devices to access your email account, use IMAP to allow synchronization of those accounts. For more information, refer to Email Protocols: IMAP Versus POP3.

    Figure 3. POP3 and IMAP selections.
  5. In Incoming Server section, enter the following information (Figure 4): 

    Figure 4. Sample IMAP Server hostname, Security type, and Port selection for IMAP.
    1. In the IMAP Server or POP3 Server field, enter your server hostname. If necessary, refer to your Nexcess Welcome email for this information.
    2. From the Security type drop-down list, select SSL (Accept all certificates).
    3. In the Port field, verify one of the following numbers appears:
      • If IMAP: 993
      • If POP3: 995
  6. In the Outgoing server section, enter the following information (Figure 5).

    Figure 5. Sample SMTP server hostname, Security type, and Port selection.
    1. In the SMTP server field, enter your outgoing server hostname. As above, refer to your Nexcess Welcome email if necessary.
    2. In the Port field, verify 587 appears). 
    3. From the Security type drop-down list, select TLS (Accept all certificates).
    4. Select the Authentication required before sending emails check box.
  7. Tap SIGN IN. Setup will now attempt to verify your settings. If setup fails, repeat Steps 1 - 12 to check for accuracy and make sure you entered your email address and password correctly.   

For 24-hour assistance any day of the year, contact our Support Team by email or through the Client Portal.

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