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What is memcached?

What is memcached?

memcached is an open source distributed memory object caching system used for accelerating applications. 


memcached is a free, open source, distributed memory object caching system designed to accelerate applications on Unix-like and Windows operating systems. Its primary purpose is to speed up data-base driven websites, though it also sees broader use for any applications dependent on a database.  Users of memcached include WordPress, Wikipedia, Twitter, Youtube, and Flickr, among others.


memcached reallocates memory away from system areas with a surplus to the areas with a greater need.  Like all caching software, the decreased database load results in quicker load times and more efficient resource usage.

For more information, visit the memcached website.

If you are a Nexcess client on a SIP-100 or SIP-200 plan and would like to try memcached on your server, contact our Support Team by email or through the Client Portal.

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