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  1. How to restart your server How to restart your server Warning Do not attempt to restart your server or you may lose data. If you require assistance, contact the Nexcess Support Team, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   For 24-hour assistance any day of the year, cont... Read More
  2. How to install PrestaShop 1.6 How to install PrestaShop v1.5.6 Table of contents Download the PrestaShop package Configure FTP credentials to transfer the Vanilla Forums package Prepare the Vanilla Forums package for transfer Use FTP to connect to the Nexcess server Install dat... Read More
  3. Nexcess Backup Policy Nexcess Backup Policy OverviewThis article explains how often and where Nexcess backs up data from managed client accounts.  Caution Although we provide 30-day automatic backups as a service, we strongly recommend all clients maintain their own back... Read More
  4. How to restore partial backups with SiteWorx How to restore partial backups with SiteWorx OverviewThis article explains how to restore a partial backup file by using SiteWorx; to restore full and structure-only backups, you must use NodeWorx. Before proceeding Attention: By default, all SiteW... Read More