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  1. How to add FTP accounts with SiteWorx How to add FTP accounts with SiteWorx OverviewThis article shows how Nexcess clients can use SiteWorx to add FTP accounts to their domain. All client accounts receive a default FTP user account. The number of additional accounts available to yo... Read More
  2. How to use FIleZIlla How to use FileZilla OverviewThis document demonstrates how to use just one of many available FTP clients, FileZilla, to transfer files to and from your server. FTP definition Attention: For security reasons, our servers require TLS encryption on FTP... Read More
  3. What is SNI? What is SNI? OverviewStanding for server name indication, SNI is an TLS protocol extension that allows a server to connect multiple SSL certificates a single IP address. Definition Standing for server name indication (SNI), this extension to the TLS ... Read More